Find answers to common questions.

Common questions (or FAQs) about our Incinerators, Waste Oil Heaters and Incinerator spares. Contact us if you have any other questions, will be happy to help.


1) Question: Do I need a license to incinerate livestock?

Answer: You just need to register the incinerator with the AHVLA http://animalhealth.defra.gov.uk

2) Question: Can my incinerator be used inside?

Answer: Yes they can providing there is adequate ventilation

3) Question: Can hot water be recovered from my incinerator?

Answer: Yes, using our efficient Heat Recovery system

4) Question: I have multiple sites – whats the best solution for me?

Answer: We offer a range of Mobile Incinerators that mean you can move the incinerator from site to site. Full specification can be decided on order.

5) Question: When do I need to use a DEFRA approved incinerator?

Answer: DEFRA Approved Incinerators are ideal when there has been a bio-hazard and bio security is the number one priority.

6) Question: Do you sell overseas?

Answer: Yes, we can supply incinerators to any location in the world. We currently have incinerators located in many continents around the world.