BR P850

Burn-rite's BR P850 is an incinerator specifically designed to suit the need to incinerate medical waste at the point of source.

This compact machine was designed due to the increased demand for hygienic on site medical waste incineration.

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The BR P RANGE has a number of common features:

  • Virtually Smoke and odour free.
  • Rapid warm up to operating temperature.
  • Simple to use.

2 options are available to suit every application.


  • 2 Options Available
  • Steel Construction
  • 80mm High Quality Refractory Lining
  • Designed for Outdoor Use
  • IP68 Rated
  • Factory Wired
  • Factory Installed Pipework
  • Factory Test Fired
  • 10 M Pipe For On Site Install
  • 2 Burners
  • Chamber Temperature Control
  • Pre Incineration Warm Up Cycle
  • Post Incineration Cool Down Cycle
  • Variable Time Control
Model No. BR P850
Fuel Type Oil
Fuel Consumption (l/h) 8.37
External Dimensions, Length (mm) 2110
External Dimensions, Width (mm) 1630
External Dimensions, Height (mm) including flue 3300
Door Opening l x h, (mm) 720 X 530
Internal Dimensions, Length (mm) 1220
Internal Dimensions, Width (mm) 940
Internal Dimensions, Height (mm) 810
Chamber Volume (m3) 0.75
Timer (h) 0-24