BRI-A800 Animal Incinerator


The BRI-A800 animal waste incinerator has a loading capacity of 500 kg and has been designed to suit the needs most small-to-medium sized agricultural holdings.

The BRI-A800 is part of our modular top loading animal range and benefits from a fixed fire grate. The fire grate allows the burner to be positioned below the waste during incineration.

This model is DEFRA compliant and adheres to all aspects of relevant animal by-product regulations.

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Technical Specification    BRI-A800
Load Capacity (kg) Up to 500
Burn Rate* (kg/hr) 50*
Chamber Volume (m³) 0.78
Door Aperture, L x W (mm) 1957 x 674
Standard Fuel Type Light Oil
Chamber Type Fixed Grate
*higher burn rates available
  Standard Features

  • 850°C Operating Temperature
  • 2 Second Retention Time
  • Ash Removal Door
  • 1.5m Stainless Steel Flue
  • Factory Test Fired
  • Pre-Incineration Heat-Up Cycle
  • Post-Incineration Cool-Down Cycle
  • Ash Residue 2 – 5%
  • 12 Month Warranty