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The Best Place to Install Animal Incinerators

If you own a farm and raising sheep, chickens, pigs, cows and horses etc., it is your responsibility to safely dispose of dead livestock either at premises that are approved for disposal, by collection via the NFSCo (National Fallen Stock Company) or you can purchase an approved Animal Incinerator and obtain the necessary licence to […]

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The Best Medical Waste Incinerators

In this short article we are going to touch on Medical Waste Incinerators. These incinerators and most others are dealt with under the laws of the United Kingdom and the penalties for infringement, because of the risks associated with incorrectly disposing of hospital or infected waste can be very high. In serious cases the right […]


Animal Waste Incinerator for disposal of animal by-products

ABPs -Animal By-Products are animal carcasses, and parts of animal carcasses, that are not intended for human consumption. These animal by-products are a source of potential risks to the public and animal health. Improper use of this waste has previously resulted in outbreaks of serious diseases such as classical swine fever, avian influenza, foot and […]


Modern Waste Incinerators help improve the environment

If you look up the word ‘incinerator’ in the dictionary you will find the following definition: “An apparatus for burning waste material, especially industrial waste, at high temperatures until it is reduced to ash” Such a simple definition doesn´t indicate the skill and technology which by law must go into the construction of all commercial […]


New website for Burn-Rite Waste Incinerators

As many of our customers know we have historically had three websites, each dedicated to different products including Waste Incinerator Sales, Waste Oil Heaters and Waste Incinerator Spare Parts. As years have progressed we have added more products and of course, web technology has evolved too. Hence we decided that we would put all our […]