Animal By-Products Incinerators

Burn-rite’s Animal By-Products Incinerators (ABPs) range is an incinerator specifically designed to suit the needs of the livestock farmer. This compact incinerator was designed due to the increased demand from these farmers.

All of our Animal By-Products Incinerators are DEFRA, SEPA and DARD approved, fully CE certified and are highly efficient and typically burn at less than 50kg per hour and therefore are classed as low capacity animal incinerators.

This means that you are legally allowed to use them on your own farm for carcass disposal, and that no planning permission is required from your local authority.

Read More about => Animal By-Products General Guidance

Our Range of Animal By-Products Incinerators

All of these units comply with EU Animal By-Products Regulations giving you peace of mind that you can dispose of animal carcasses cleanly, safely and efficiently. Not only that, all of these Animal By-Product Incinerators are virtually smoke and smell free.


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