Animal By-Product Incinerators

Burn – Rite’s range of animal by-product (ABP) incinerators provide the farming industry with cost-effective solutions for the disposal of fallen stock and other animal waste produced on site. The range of ABP incinerators support agricultural sites across the world maintain biosecurity.

Each model of the ABP range is compliant to current EU Animal By-Product Regulations and meet all the requirements for DEFRA, SEPA and DAERA approval.

Our animal incinerators are suitable for a variety of sites requiring on-site waste incinerators. As part of the standard range, we can offer loading capacities up to 500kg. If you require a larger loading capacity, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Our Range of Animal By-Product Incinerators

For further information on our range of animal incineration units, please email us at or complete the contact form.