General Waste Incinerators

Burn-rite’s General Waste Incinerators are used to incinerate general waste material and has specifically been designed to suit the need to incinerate waste at the point of source.

General Waste Incinerators by Burn-rite Ltd

General Waste Incinerator

This compact incinerator was designed due to the increased demand for hygienic on site waste incineration.

With the added advantage of virtually no smoke or smell problems. However, burn-rite are able to provide hot gas filtration, particulate scrubbing and mobile options if this is required.

Long trouble free life is due to the robust design of all the models in this incinerator range. The latest range ensures strength of design and reliability.

All of our General Waste Incinerators are CE certified which ensures that we have met the highest standards in safety and construction.

Advantages of using this incinerator is the cost of purchase can be recouped within one year simply by saving on skip hire alone.

3 options are available to suit every application of incineration ( type 1, 2 & 3).

Our Range of General Waste Incinerators

The BR G range is specifically designed for the incineration of general waste, and our range of General Waste Incinerators are listed below:

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