Medical Waste Incinerators

The BR P range of Burn Rite’s Medical Waste Incinerators are an industrial incinerator specifically designed to suit the need to incinerate medical waste at the point of source.

This type of incinerator is utilised for the disposal of all types of medical waste material including medical, clinical and pathological waste from hospitals and healthcare facilities.

As well as waste incineration, all of these incinerators in the Medical Waste range can be adapted to use a heat recovery system that can be used to heat water.

These compact waste incinerators were designed due to the increased demand for hygienic onsite waste incineration.

2 options are available to suit every application of medical waste incineration (type 4 – red bag waste).

Our BR P Range of Medical Waste Incinerators

The BR P range is specifically designed for the incineration of medical waste, and our range of Medical Waste Incinerators are listed below:

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