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If you own a farm and raising sheep, chickens, pigs, cows and horses etc., it is your responsibility to safely dispose of dead livestock either at premises that are approved for disposal, by collection via the NFSCo (National Fallen Stock Company) or you can purchase an approved Animal Incinerator and obtain the necessary licence to operate it. There are numerous rules and regulations regarding animal incineration and Burn Rite can assist you with them to make sure that you purchase the correct model for your needs.

However, there are also rules in relation to where incineration can take place in terms of the position of Animal Incinerators. For example, if you intend to incinerate carcasses and animal by products from other farms or places you must legally position them on separate premises from the site on which your livestock resides.  Such premises must be marked by a boundary and have an entrance solely for use of the animal incinerator.

In addition the incinerator must be:

  • Installed on hard standing that does not allow liquids to escape or have an incline into a drain
  • Have a drain close by with sufficient area for the cleaning of vehicles or containers
  • Separated from all livestock on the farm
  • Operated by designated staff that do not work with other members of the workforce who are employed in taking care of animals on the farm

Hygiene and Storage

Legally you must ensure that:

  • Incineration of carcasses and animal by products occurs as rapidly as possible and certainly within one week.
  • If it’s necessary to store fallen stock or animal by products you must use containers that are sealed, do not leak and are labelled.
  • Waste water, must be drained from the premises using a 6mm trap on sites that handle specified risk material (Category 1 – body parts that carry a risk of disease) such as spinal cords from cows. Having drained the water, should there be any solids found in the trap, you incinerate them.

Burn Rite supply and install Animal Incinerators in compliance with all UK laws and regulations and we are happy to discuss and handle all paperwork should you require this service. Call us today for a free consultation.