Animal Waste Incinerator for disposal of animal by-products

ABPs -Animal By-Products are animal carcasses, and parts of animal carcasses, that are not intended for human consumption.

These animal by-products are a source of potential risks to the public and animal health. Improper use of this waste has previously resulted in outbreaks of serious diseases such as classical swine fever, avian influenza, foot and mouth disease and BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy).

Legislation has been in place for many years regarding the collection, storage, transport, treatment, use and disposal of animal by-products.

Animal waste incinerators for all requirements

Our wide range of products ensures that we will have an incinerator suitable for your needs. If you are a livestock farmer, your request may be for an incinerator for the disposal of large carcasses such as sheep or pigs, stillborn animals, or to service a small poultry farm.

Our Animal By-Products Incinerators are efficient to effectively cremate pathological remains and as such are ideal for pet cremation services, animal hospitals and clinics and animal shelters; or for such uses at farms and for veterinary waste disposal. Our products are state of the art, high quality, and meet all required standards.

Burn-rite incinerators are suitable for animal waste management at the point of source and some of the main features are that they burn virtually odour and smoke free.

Product Qualifications

All of our animal by-products incinerators are SEPA, DARD and DEFRA approved; burn less than 50kg per hour and are all completely CE certified and classified as low capacity animal incinerators.

A key benefit to our incinerators is the ease of operation by avoiding the need for constant supervision of the units.

We currently offer 5 differing sizes and capacities of Animal By-Products Incinerators, all with steel construction, chamber temperature control and variable time controls. They offer very quick heat-up times, with easy installation and maintenance and are engineered for safe, long-term, efficient incineration.

Help and Advice

Our technical team at Burn-rite are highly trained and able to advise you to meet your specific requirements. We use the latest technology in the design and build of all our incineration systems.

We also offer advice on pre-purchase and regulations, planning issues, siting and provide recommendations regarding the most suitable equipment.

Please contact us for free advice on our range of animal incineration units – email us at or call us on 01704 224756